Since 1974, Sector Microwave has been designing innovative switches for

communication, satellite & military applications. 

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A waveguide switch is a device that allows the connection of one waveguide input to either of two waveguide output connections.

We offer waveguide switches from WR8 through WR975.


A coaxial switch is a device that allows the connection of a coaxial input to either of two coaxial outputs. 

We offer a range of connector types: Type N, TNC, SMA or BNC depending on the frequency range you require.

Dual waveguide-coax

A dual waveguide-coaxial switch uses a combination of both switches which switch simultaneously by a common driver circuit (the Sector Motor).

Dual Switches are available from WR28 through WR430.

Hi-rel Space

Hi-Rel space switches are lightweight, ruggedized, fully traceable units which are built to the extremely stringent standards applicable to space hardware.

These switches come in W/G and coax configurations in a single or multiple switch assembly.